MADYMO Modeling

MADYMO (MAthematical DYnamic MOdel) provides advanced biomechanical analysis.

It is a highly complex computer modeling program that can be used to analyze the movement and injury response of the human body to impact.

MADYMO can assist in the analysis of:

  • Seatbelt misuse, non-use and failure
  • Late airbag deployment
  • All types of collision injuries
  • Incidents such as slips, trips and falls

A MADYMO analysis is much more than a computer animation. Computer animation software has no understanding of the physical laws that govern our world. A MADYMO animation follows the laws of physics to find a mathematical solution based on specific case conditions provided by the user. This can be a very important issue in determining admissibility in the courtroom.

In addition to realistic animations of human movement, MADYMO provides detailed quantitative information of injury forces.

MADYMO is a sophisticated program that requires an expert knowledgeable of the underlying laws of physics and the fine details of a computer solution. Collision Analysis can provide this level of expertise.

The best way to understand MADYMO’s capabilities is to examine animations output by the engineering model. Click here to view sample simulation videos.