MADYMO Simulations

Click on the desired frame to view the animation. 

1)    Frontal collision, belted driver with airbag

In this animation of a frontal impact, the interaction of the driver with the seatbelt and deploying airbag is clearly demonstrated.  The full duration of the collision is shown (approximately 100 milliseconds or one tenth of a second).

2)    Frontal collision, belted passenger without airbag

This model shows a belted passenger subjected to a frontal collision.  The interaction of the occupant with the seatbelt and knee bolster is highlighted.  It uses a very accurate seatbelt model that can correctly simulate the seatbelt sliding on the occupant. 

3)    Frontal collision, seatbelt misuse

MADYMO can be used to investigate the effects of seatbelt misuse.  In this model, the occupant is subjected to a frontal collision.  The shoulder belt portion of the seatbelt restraint has been removed, simulating a situation in which the shoulder belt is worn behind the occupant’s back.

4)    Side-by-side all-terrain vehicle rollover, belted driver

MADYMO can model more than just passenger cars.  This is a very simple model of a belted occupant subjected to a 90 degree rollover in a side-by-side all-terrain vehicle.

5)    Vehicle rollover, belted driver

Vehicle rollovers are chaotic events in which occupant kinematics and dynamics can be difficult to determine without the use of a sophisticated simulation program. MADYMO can greatly enhance the accuracy of a biomechanics rollover analysis.

6) Rear impact, unbelted driver

This detailed animation demonstrates an unbelted occupant's motion during a rear impact. In this model, the neck hyperextends because there is no head restraint to stop the head's rearward motion. Similar motion can be expected in a vehicle with a poorly designed or improperly adjusted head restraint.