Injury Biomechanics

An injury analysis requires specialized knowledge and training. Injury biomechanics applies mechanical principles to the analysis of human physical trauma.

Investigations may include:

  • Occupant kinematics and dynamics
  • Injury reduction, prevention and tolerance
  • Injury causation mechanisms

A biomechanical analysis may evaluate whether an injury was caused by product misuse, non-use, failure or design. From this analysis, the potential for injury reduction or injury prevention can be determined.

A biomechanical analysis may aid in determining an occupant’s seating position, identifying who was driving, and evaluating whether an injury was caused by the collision in question. An injury biomechanics analysis is an essential part of a low speed whiplash assessment.

We also investigate incidents such as slip, trip and fall injuries as well as trampoline and foam pit injuries.

In addition, Collision Analysis has advanced expertise in the application of the MADYMO modeling tool. To learn more, click here