Seminars are extremely beneficial to both the insurance and legal communities. Collision Analysis offers numerous seminars and presentations to ensure you and your team are equipped to ask relevant questions and gather pertinent information from the onset of a file.

Most of our seminars are in the areas of collision reconstruction and injury biomechanics. We also offer modules covering commercial vehicle collisions, event data recorders (EDRs), and human factors. In addition, we have modules aimed at new adjusters that address the importance of early evidence gathering and preservation for possible future collision reconstruction. All of these seminars can be combined or customized to suit your needs.

Our seminars are free of charge and may be accredited with the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) for those who require CEUs for professional development.  They can be presented at your offices for your convenience. To arrange a seminar or presentation please contact us at 1-888-427-2747 or click here to send an email.